Hello ScriptCenter® Users!

While mostScriptCenter users receive a Claim Check code to use for pickup, if you still need to use a User ID and PIN, you can now enroll and manage your account right at ScriptCenter.

New to ScriptCenter?

Contact the pharmacy that is offering ScriptCenter pickup and ask to use a ScriptCenter Claim Check. The pharmacy staff will let you know if you need to enroll on the kiosk instead.

Need to change your mobile number or email?

Users that still pick up with a User ID and PIN, can add or update their contact details at ScriptCenter.
Login at ScriptCenter and go to “My Settings” in the shopping cart to add or update your email address or phone number. Please make sure your contact details are updated in the other pharmacy systems. Contact pharmacy staff for more details.

Important notice:

Please visit ScriptCenter today to manage your account details.
This website will be no longer be available after 9/30/2023.

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